HCC Policy


Islamic Centers in the Central Jersey felt the need of celebrating Eidain on the same day. In 2013,  three organizations MCMC, MCNJ and Masjid Al-Wali joined hands to form a group called Hijri Calendar Committee (HCC) . The main objective of HCC is to bring solidarity among Muslims in the Central NJ by starting Islamic months on the same day. Later two other Islamic Centers i.e. ICOB and ICEB joined the group in 2014 to build a stronger consortium for the Muslim unity in the area.


From the beginning of its inception, HCC has the policy of commencing the Islamic months in Central NJ based on the Islamic date observance in Haramain (Makkah Mukkarramah and Medina Munawwarah). In the rare possibility when Haramain is observing 30 day completion of an Islamic month and moon is visually sighted in North America locally then HCC accepts the local sighting for the commencement of the Islamic month in their respective Islamic Centers. It has been agreed by the members of HCC that announcement for the commencement of an Islamic month shall be made no later than 1 hour after the Maghreb prayers. In case HCC accepts the local sighting after the announcement has been made then HCC will revert the decision and sends a new announcement based on the decision made by the members of HCC. For local sighting, HCC agrees to follow AMJA (Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America) declaration.


Each Islamic Center has two seats in the committee and those names shall be decided by the individual centers themselves.


HCC shall announce the commencement of all the Islamic months based on the criteria listed above.